Ian Upright's S# Tools

In my spare time I've been experimenting with a new exciting language called S#.  
For more information check out the link above.  Here are some tools that I've developed:

S# ToolSpace

ToolSpace - this is an open-source project for the S# language. It provides a Transcript Window, Workspaces, and Inspectors. It includes a very basic debugger, that will hopefully be enhanced and improved over time. ToolSpace is designed to be an open platform so that others can integrate their own tools into this environment. It also serves as a set of working example code so that others can learn and explore the world of S#.

IansBrowser - this is now included in the ToolSpace package, and simulates a classic Smalltalk-like IDE Browser/Editor. The browser also has an import feature to convert Smalltalk "chunk" formatted files into S# source

If you have questions or concerns about these modules please post them on the comp.lang.smallscript newsgroup